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Client Testimonials

“Consci Digital team is friendly, fast and reliable. I sent them a message in the morning and when I checked in the afternoon, they gave me a resolution. It took them a few hours wherein it took me days to try to resolve it by myself. If you’re stuck, Consci Digital Help Desk is the best place to go!”
Nichole Whitmore

“Our website crashed and we cannot afford to keep it that way even for a day. They got my website up in a matter of hours.”

Saara Kent

“We were a startup business. Starting from scratch is never easy. Consci Digital’s expertise helped us set up our website and Google My Business. We were thrilled with the outcome. Amazing team!”

John Bate

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Consci Digital Help Desk is your best source of support when it comes to your digital-related issues. Consci Digital team is experienced in Web Design, Web Development, Business Systems, Platform support, SEO & Content Writing, and Hosting & Domains.

What's the turnaround of the concern that I will be sending the Help Desk?
Expect a fast turnaround. As soon as we get your message, we get back to you immediately. Most of the time, issues are resolved within 24 hours.
What services do you offer on your Help Desk?
On the Help Desk, you are given different options. We offer best support to your website development, design, SEO, content writing, hosting and domains concerns. 
Do we get to talk to one of your team?
Aside from the email that you send us, we can schedule a call with you in your most convenient time. It will spare the time of going back and forth with the emails.
How long will the web development take?
There are different aspects to consider in web development. Let’s talk about it and give you a detailed plan on the web development process. Contact our Help Desk now. 
I have an existing content, can you reword it for SEO purposes?
Yes, we can reword your existing content. Send us a message on our Help Desk for evaluation on those existing content. 
Can you assist with hosting and domains?
Yes, our Consci Digital team will help you get the right option for your website’s hosting and domains. Let us assist you through our Help Desk. 

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